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Newsletter Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 17:40:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Will Scott <>
To: Ev Roth <>

Newsletter February 2001

Our meeting at Joe Mondello's Tech School was a big
Hit with 28 making the trip to Paso Robles. 
Terry and Rose Hunt came all the way from their home
in Guam, Dave Taylor and Mike Mendoza came down from
the Bay Area, Ernie Hashim and Buzz Buswell came over
from Bakersfield and Bill Mathews made the LONG trek
from Templeton. Good to see you again Bill.

In attendance at the meeting were:
Chuck Small, Fred Iaia ,Tim Rochlitzer, Bill Mathews ,
Harold Martin, Larry Pederson, Don Hartshorn, Tom
Stewart, Will Scott, Terry Hunt, Chuck Abbott, Richard Bowman,
Don Edwards, E.B. Turner, Doug Odom, Mike Mendoza, Dave
Taylor, Ernie Hashim, Bob McDonald, Tommy Thomas, and Buzz Buswell 

Rose Hunt, Wayne Villard, Phil Belloy, Evelyn Roth,Jerry Jensen, and  Gary Morse.

Harold Motsenbocrer attended his third meeting but due to the venue wasn't voted on, but was assigned Lake Duties. (Just kidding Harold!!! [I think??])
Prior to the meeting about 20 members joined Joe Mondello at Pepe's Mexican Restaurant, in Paso Robles, for a fine meal.
The meeting started at 7:10 by Fred Iaia. (Matt Williams was sick and unable to attend.) Fred gave a run down of the SCTA meeting and Tim filled in on the coupe/split class discussion.
Items of interest:
1) El Mirage course prep to be April 29th. Gold Coast
has our yearly responsibility to do the prep.
2) El Mirage clean up days May 5th and 6th. This is
for all the public that uses the lake bed and area. It
is urged all club members that can should help at this
event. Starts at 0800 with sign up at the BLM office
at the east end of the lakebed. Enter at Mountain View
Road, east of the town of El Mirage. Free BBQ for
clean up workers in the afternoon. Then for club
members course walk, the regular SCTA Meet to start
Sunday as in the past.
3) Muroc is cancelled for 2001, several reasons, some being:
1) General has not yet signed the permit.
2) Club Presidents vote was for not having the event.

Solution for Muroc
Notify General that the event had to be cancelled due
to the late date of signing with hopes of a reschedule in 2002.

Club Business:
Next meeting at Mendenhall's Magnificent Mansion to
Memorabilia Madness.
Items to be resolved are:
1) Club Party on April 7th location to be decided by
Chuck Small as to Nojoqui Falls, Hans Christian
Andersen Park in Solvang or Ferrero park in Los Alimos.
2) The 2001 Hall of Fame reminder list will be
discussed and Ballots sent out.

The meeting was then turned over to Joe Mondello for
his pre-tour lecture. His inputs were very enlightening, especially in the modern techniques of  pre stabilization of engine parts prior to machining.
Also covered were piston designs, ring land machining
and piston types. Joe also covered Briggs and Straton 
engine development and fractional horsepower gains. 
Club then left the classroom and observed Dyno runs on
one of the Brigs & Straton stock engines. Dyno runs
were showing over 6 H.P. at over 6000rpm, a gain of
over 3 H.P. Only changes from stock, 2-degree advance
and special lubrication. 
This was followed by a tour of the cylinder block
check out and measurements by Joe with some valuable
tidbits for the engine builder. Joe had a hand out
available that you can read at Chute
Out will also be available there.
Evelyn Roth was along with her camera so you can see
a lot of photos of the tour at the oilstick web site.
In all the tour was a great success with even the
long distance members not leaving until after 9:30.
In closing, remember the March 6th meeting. This will
be the 1st non-tour meeting that needs your
inputs/discussion for the party and start of
preparation for the GAS UP. Please try to attend.
PS: Congrats to Wendy & Wes Hutchens on their New

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