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 National TV Products

1604 Copenhagen Dr. #B
Solvang, CA 93463
805-688-2316  Email:

Welcome to National TV Products.  We are your "AS SEEN ON TV" outlet store for all of your quality infomercial products.  

We feature over 300 different products, something for everyone.  Health and beauty, housewares, cleaning, cooking, automotive, toys and lots of "fun gadgets".

Name brand products like Ab-Slide, Hairagami, Nads, Turbie Twist, Ronco Products, Steam Buggy, Egg Wave, Roto Zip, Auto Hammer, Oxy Clean, Igia Epil Stop, Marvin's Magic and lots more to numerous to list ( over 300 items).

  • You will always save on shipping and handling charges just by stopping in the store, we can always ship if you need to, but come in and take a look at all the fun items you've seen advertised on TV.

  • We are located at 1604 Copenhagen Drive in Solvang, CA 93463.  Look for the big 

  • If you need more information about products and business opportunities you can Call the store at 805-688-2316.  Or  Email:

  • We always have the latest "Hot item" and can ship anywhere.  Call us first for all of your infomercial products. 

  • We're looking forward to seeing you!  Stop by, your guaranteed a fun time in our store.

  • " Save the Wait "       " Save the Freight "

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