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 Los Olivos,
 Santa Ynez,
 Los Alamos, and Lompoc, 

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This small community is known for it's art, wine tasting rooms, and great restaurants.  Quiet laid back atmosphere.   Park in the middle of town with a flag pole in the middle of the street and you drive around it to go through town. 

Lydia Wing's painting of the Valley (you are right the flash is bright)

(Mayberry Revisited was filmed here as other movies have been including Postman Rings Twice with Jack Nickolsen)

Wine tasting, art galleries, are a few of the little quaint shops that are nestled in with the real estate shops for the area. 

While visiting Los Olivos don't forget our great restaurants:   Los Olivos

Photos of Los Olivos Area

Valley Wineries   Tour of the Valley    Recipe      Events

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